Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friend's Shower

I have the greatest friends in the world! Chelsie, Casey & Laci-threw Blakely and I a fabulous shower last weekend. They thought every little detail out-I loved this first idea: A candy bar! Chelsie made the cute little bags, so that as everyone left the shower they could fill a bag with candy. What a good idea! They had the cutest decorations and everything matched Blakely's nursery theme so well. I am so blessed to have so many friends that care for me-I dont know what I will ever do to repay them for their kindess!! :) Here are some pictures from the day (my camera died and I was so dissapointed I didnt get individual pictures with everyone!).

Laci made this cake-isnt she talented!? It had a jelly filling (She canned the jelly herself!)
Look at this awesome diaper cake-Chelsie made it! Chelsie is very crafty-it makes me jealous!!!
Casey and her mom put on a freaking awesome spread-fruits/veggies/dips/croissants/chicken salad/awesome punch etc. I could have eaten the whole time... I had to restrain myself.
Arent the ball thingy's cute!!? :)

Me and My cute cake :) Blakely loves cake. Well, I blame it on her anyways....

The toilet paper game..this makes me laugh...everyone was supposed to tear off a strip of paper that they thought was about as big around as I was...Jenn tore off a piece about 10 ft long. THANKS JENN!!!!! hahaha!

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